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It's the lack of panel gaps more than anything else that kills resins stone dead for me. That and the way that 90% of the cars I'm interested have no detailing to any side pillars (apart from the first and last) and windows made from the same film that Bburago use for windows in the boxes that their £20 diecast models come in.
To me, a sealed model is like a book that you can't open and read the words.
Wonderful analogy! 1000X this. The terrible window film irritates me even more than the lack of panel gaps - and that's before we get into the whole discussion about the windows delaminating from the body.

I do have a resin BBR Maserati Levante, but only because I was one of the exterior designers on that project and didn't have the option of a diecast. The saddest thing is that it isn't even cheap, averaging around $300.

Disclaimer: I collect mostly in 1:43 to save space and money (and because sometimes the 1:43s are more accurate than anything I can find in 1:18), so I have to contend with sealed resin being the go-to if I want a nicely detailed model. When dealing with a scale that small, I have to admit I'd rather have a sealed body than huge panel gaps and loss of accuracy for the sake of a few opening parts.

Having said that, with AutoArt releasing things like the crazy detailed Countach 5000S and McLaren F1 in 1:43 diecast with billionaire doors and everything at very reasonable prices, the biggest irony would be if we start seeing opening parts make their way into 1:43 models as they become harder to find in 1:18. Could just be wishful thinking though...

But yeah, for 1:18s it's diecast or bust.
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