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You pretty much summed it all. Early last decade we were asking the model makers to move from doglegs to proper door mechanisms. 10 years later we are adding black wash to body panels on resin models to mimic gaps. Are we moving forward or backward.
It's the lack of panel gaps more than anything else that kills resins stone dead for me. That and the way that 90% of the cars I'm interested have no detailing to any side pillars (apart from the first and last) and windows made from the same film that Bburago use for windows in the boxes that their £20 diecast models come in.

I'm all for increased choice, but I'm more than happy to limit my die-cast collecting solely to those models that happen to be available. I don't tend to display my models because I don't have space. I get them out of the box, hold them, play with them, inspect them, take photos, write about them and then store them until next time I do the same again.

To me, a sealed model is like a book that you can't open and read the words.
1 - 1 of 50 Posts