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My ultimate wish is to see the Porsche 928 GT made in 1:18th scale. I always loved this car and always will. I seen autoart is making the 928s but it just is not the same. Hey sometimes you never know. I chased the 328 Ferrari for sooo long and then Anson made the GTS and Kyosho made the awsome 328 GTB. What is the one car model you want to see made this year? :feedback

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I'd have to say the 1969 Ferrari 365GTS. Only 20 were made in real life. They also made a 330GTS and 275GTS. Details on the 365GTS can be found here:


Fabbri makes a 1:43 silver-on-beige 330GTS which is quite cheap. I also saw a 1:43 red-on-beige 330GTS made by Le Phoenix which sold on eBay for about $250US.

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A 1:18 F1 Lotus JPS Type 78 or 79. These cars revolutionized F1 ground effect design and Mario Andretti drove them to the world's driving championship in '78. One would complete my collection of F1 Lotuses.

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a 1:18 Lister Storm GT in the yellow Donington Park livery (if i remember correctly). :waiting

To be honest any Lister GT in any livery would be OK...........please.



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Not something to do with my collection theme but I would love to see Ford Taunus P7a and P7b (Estate versions no matter what scale) these were the cars that I was grown with as we had two in the family.

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1/18th Ferrari 330 P4 - by CMC or Exoto (highest detail affordable-almost) and the Whathehaye by AUTOart in 1/18th or
Danbury Mint in 1/24th since its a "rod".
OOPS - how about a 1938 Delahaye 165 Figoni et Falaschi in 1/18th, or any of the curvey French cars of the late 30's for that matter in 1/18th.
Cheers and Happy Collecting,

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I really wish to see other older Lamborghinis made by middle range manufacturers other than the usual Miura and Countach

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Agree on the P4
Definately on the Delahayes, Bugattts, and Delages of the period
1938 Hispano Suiza with streamllined Aero body by Saouchik(sp?)
awesome car looks like a fighter plane with wheels
Duesenberg Mormon Meteor
Throw in some Alfa Romeo 2900 coupes , convertibles, and racers
Alfas- Montreal Race and Road
Disco Volante
BAT mobiles
Canguro Show Car

Other Ferraris
400 -410 Superamerica
A good 275 gtb and convertible
Koenig Testarossa Evolution(not really a ferrari anymore)
375 "Rossilini" gorgeus car

Khamsin, Bora

Jarama, Islero and Espada

1980s Gemballa Avalanche 911
968 coupe and COnvertible

Aston Martin
V-8 Vantage 1977-1988* (must have in shelf b4 I die!)
V-8 Vantage 1995-2000
Db4 GT Zagato
Db4 GT Bertone Jet

Iso Grifos both body styles including 7 litre* (same)
Bizzarini - race and road- all body styles*(same)

Detomaso Mangusta
Pantera GTS

Mines a BIG LIST

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The Ferrai 330P4 coupes and spyders versions are most deserving-such a beautiful body shape. The old Joeuf versions don't count---too cude and poorly made. Upscale versions of the 250 GTO and F40 are also needed- hopefully Exoto will comply.

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Good topic, CKoC! :cheers

Hmmm... :confused. At this point, I'd have to say...I wish CMC would make the CLK-GTR Roadcar (I know Maisto does already, but Maisto is no CMC. :giggle)
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