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Just Curious what you think/know are the most out of scale 1/18s.... I ve heard that the Maisto Explorer Sportrac is pretty bad, and I know the Bburago BMW Z cars are shamefully out of scale (especially next to the UT Z cars!!)

Im not sure... but with my Maisto Porsche Cayenne next to my UT Expedition, the porsche looks a little small, but it seems okay next to the 911's ....

The Anson CLK looks very small as well....

Also I strongly suspect that the Bburago Porsche 356B is not really in scale.... can anyone confirm???

Finally, I suspect the Maisto 911 Speedster is a bit large...

Oh well, just my "usual suspects" any others you guys know of?? Im sure alot of the out of scale questions come from not regularly seeing the more unique cars out on the road with the rest of the average cars... :giggle
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