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:iagree :iagree To some it's the Le Mans cars, to some it's the Kouros/Michelin/AEG for me, it's the 1 I can afford :lol waiting for the presentation sauber, got excelent deal!

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:iagree :iagree :iagree They are all superb, and pretty much the same under the paint so to speak (apart from the LeMans versions which have a smaller lower downforce rear wing which was needed for the higher speeds maintained on the LeSarthe/Mulsanne straight at LeMans).

I suppose if most desirable=most significant Sauber C9 then it would have to be the 1989 LeMans winner in my humble opinion. I have it and it is a stunning model. You can only buy it as part of a twin set together with a stripped down "rolling chassis" which is in fact very nice indeed, but it makes it by far the most expensive Sauber to buy. :cheers

Here is a pic of the LM winner with the extra chassis:

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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