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Hi, I am wondering who already has gotten their hands on an AUTOart Gallardo. I won't be getting mine till sometime in June, and I would like some opinions on it. Does anyone have feedback for me, or perhaps, even better, a review of the model?

:feedback :feedback :feedback


O and btw, mine's going to be in Giallo Midas (Yellow) :happytwo

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I just received mine Friday and I am extremely please with it. I am so happy I didn't cave in and buy the Maisto version when it came out, not to say that the Maisto version is bad, but the AUTOart version IS much much nicer.

Well, I have yet to wright a review but I'll try right now.

The first thing you notice in the paint, typical Autoart quality. Flawless. Autoart did a spectacular job replicating the lines of the Gallardo.

Open the front bonnet and you'll find a beautifully carpeted front boot awaiting luggage for a weekend trip.

Next, open the engine lid to unveil the Lamborghini V10 powerplant. While AUTOart did a nice job on the engine detail, you will not find any wires like on the AUTOart Miura.

Now open the drivers door and take a seat, here you will see typical AUTOart detail. The interior is nicely carpeted and wonderfully replicated.

And lastly, those rims!!! They look incredible. AUTOart did a great job on them.

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I have the black Gallardo and it is too much of a good model to pass up, excellent interior and exterior, beautiful black paint, the clear engine bonnet is great to look at, this is a must buy for any Lamborghini, Exotic or mainstream collector.

Three things come to mind:

1. VR's pics are awesome.
2. AUTOart's Gallardo is an awesome model.
3. Gallardo, the worst looking Lambo, ever.

My :mine

:cheers :lol
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