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Who makes the best 68 - 70 Charger?

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I'm looking to add to my collection a 68 - 70 charger and was wondering who makes the best replica?

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Ertl is the only one that makes them. If you are only looking to add one to your collection, I would suggest you get the black '68 from 'Bullitt'.
The '70s that Ertl made are not correct and are only made with blowers since Ertl made it to look like the one in F&F. The General Lee would be another one to have.
Mattel also made a 1969 Charger (an R/T I think) which I haven't got myself, but I have seen it in the metal at a few hobby shops, and in fairness to Mattel (whom I generally think make terrible models at any price!) it is a good looking 1:18th. :cheers
I stand corrected! I forgot about Mattel :giggle and I got a couple of them! They do look good until you open the hood.
:lol So I take it they are good "on the shelf" models as opposed to good in the hand? :giggle

I've love a highly detailed '68 or '69 CHarger, surely it is only a matter of time before we see one in 1:18th??? :confused :cheers
How acurate are those Mattels size wise. There is nothing I hate more than a 1/18 model that is really 1/20 in scale or something.

Also Hot Wheels, Route 66 and Racing Champ makes them too.

Of all makes I like the setup and proportions on Mattels and Hot Wheels Chargers. Anyone know how true to scale they are?

All Hot Wheels except for the front tires........................ :feedback
(My first visit/post on this forum)

Please keep the image file size(s) below 60KB. Thank you & welcome to DX! :cheers

:welcome OLDMOPAR
:310 on your cars great photos.
Welcome oldmopar! Those chargers are sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! Did you add the wheels and tires? Never seen that setup by Matchbox before.

Thanks........Yeah......I change the wheels on lots of stuff..............There's lots more but maybe this isn't the place to put them...............


P.S........I take ALL of my pictures by the OLD COFFEE POT drive-in...........
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Cool man! Where do you get your tires and wheels?
(My first visit/post on this forum)
Please keep the image file size(s) below 60KB. Thank you & welcome to DX! Souky
How big are my images?.......How do I tell the size......Do I have to resize?

Thanks, John

P.S. I read about 1 image per post......BTW, what is "hot linking"?
Hi John,

The quickest & most convenient way to check the file size of any photograph on the computer is to right click on your mouse and select "properties". The dimensions, file size, and location would be displayed in the properties box.

Regarding file size(s) - We do ask that our members follow the guideline of 60KB per photo and dimensions no larger than 640X480.

If you have Photoshop, there is an option that allows you to select file sizes. Click 'File' and then select the option 'Save for Web' - a new window should pop up and allows you to select from Low, Medium, High, to Maximum for your image.

Also, if you do not want to give up the quality of your photos, you could post them us thumbnails.

CLICK HERE for thumbnail tutorial by Felix. :cheers

As for the 1 attachment per post & hotlink:

The reason for 1 attachment per post is to keep the board from bogging down. Although we have many members with high-speed internet access, we would still like DX to be user friendly for everyone, especially members with dial-up connections.

Hot Linking - In this case, it basically means that you are displaying the image(s) from another source other than your own.

For example: A person happens to find a very nice picture of the Cobra from an automobile forum A. Instead of providing the URLs, he/she instead uses image tags and displayed the photographs directly from forum A to forum B. While this may seems harmless, what that does is eating up the bandwith from the original source - forum A.

This type of action is a no-no and can be considered as theft. It's like running your power tools via your neighbor's electrical sockets, if you know what I mean.

So if you would like to display pictures, you can either use DX's attachment option to post pictures from your computer, or you can sign up with an image hosting service and host the pictures from there.

Here's a popular host that many DXers use: Photobucket.

I hope this answers some of your questions. If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to ask anyone of us Ringers here for assistance.

Again, welcome to DX and I hope that you'll enjoy yourself here. :cheers
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My photos are from my album on "The Diecast Pub" using URL's...........

Is this ok?............is the size to large?

We used to just post thumbnails over there and they said with URL's we could

go ahead and post the large ones as I've done here and that it wouldn't be

a drag on the system........In fact they suggested it..........

URLs are fine, but 'shown' images/photographs should be within the suggested guidelines. :cheers
OK.....not to seem dense (I am!).........but are MY photos I've posted so far too big or are they OK??????????
They're a bit on the large side - exceeding the 60KB guideline.

URLs are no problems, you don't have to worry about file size(s). :cheers
Thanks.......I appreciate the reply. John
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