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Who's got Kwan's ?

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Anyone yet? Or who is selling them ? I'm desperate! Come on, Somebodies gotta know something.
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Charlie, we're both in the same boat.

Our store MIGHT have some this Friday. I'll let u know if we get any.

If not, mass AUTOart order time! :giggle
I"ll be on the side lines,
no prob. Also note that Sir Gary posted an ebay listing for one a few days ago. But it was outrageously priced, so I think we all had a good laugh at that.
Please excuse my ignorance. But what are Kwans? :confused
I know that price was totally rediculus ! I emailed him to see if would send here,anwer was $196. us + $36. shipping and 4% pay-pal. He is out of control and that too was worth LOL.
Charle's Kwan(s)

(LIMITED EDITION OF 1000PCS WORLDWIDE) *for whatever reason*
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stupid seller... Was the thing ever sold?

Louis: thanks for clearing up the matter for Winston! I think it's limited to 1000 because
1) mostly only asians are interested in this car (maening 1000 should be enough to be sought after, but not too much to flood the market like the CTSV's)
2) AUTOart wanted to make their models more exclusive

Winston: sorry, didn't post what "kwan" was :p
Thanks for posting that pic Louis. No problem there Gary. 196$ for an AUTOart is ridculous. I agree its rare and all that disco, but 200 $ can fetch many more goodies.
the thing that annoys me is, there's no special packaging on this LE 1000 (even less than 40th murcie!). Only a measly little sticker that says "1 of 1000" WTF? :ranting
Thanks for the link Nadav. Nice looking car but I still cant justify paying 200$ for the model even if I was the driver of that racecar.
I don't know if he sold it. I doubt it.But ten you never know. Looking at those pictures close up, I notice that the is no fuel filler door, should be there,The under trunk fuel filling is wrong,and there are no air fitting nor hole in hood for the air jacks. I gues they cut corners and used gt3r parts. Oh well, spend more for less once again. reason being I noticed these things is becasue I deal with the cup cars eberyday here. Guess the wait is now on !
Thanks for the heads up! Man this sucks. I can't believe AUTOart is cutting corners AND increasing prices. I expect BETTERMENT if I pay more mnoey, not worse QC and corner cutting...

At least they got the front bumper right, right? :confused
Yeah they did, also got the rear wing and exhaust right.I wonder what engine it has,the real engine like the gt3r's or the 996/boxster engine like they used in all the gt3's which is incorrect. I guess we will have to wait and see. We should have a little poll here on that perhaps ?
ya, a poll would be nice. But I have no clue how the real car's supposed to look like :p

I'm getting this model either way, so hopefully the first person to get it can confirm.
Looks like the turbo or GT2, but without turbos, Hotwheels GT3 is correct.
I placed an order directly with AUTOart a couple of days ago.

Here's their reply:

Hi Souky,

Thank you for your order on June 17, 2005

We acknowledge receipt the payment. We are now processing your order and you will be receiving the goods within 4 weeks. ( For your information, should we have the item in stock, you will be receiving it sooner.)

Best regards,

AUTOart Collection Ltd

It should be out very soon or already since they said "within 4 weeks". :cheers
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WOW!!! $200.00 for that? :confused

I guess a $200.00 Kwan's car is making my Mazda 787B (Racer) for $ 100.00 look

better all the time, doesn't it? :giggle
What? That's ridiculous! If they don't have it, who does because no one is selling the Kwan yet!?
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