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Willys Gasser "Ohio George" Montgomery (Precision Miniatures)

Exterior is very perfect paint and tampon printing also, the car is opened both doors and the hood is removed, a curious detail is that the hood is made of plastic and the interior is roughly imitating the fiberglass , the Tires and tires are very well reproduced, the suspension is not functional, behind a bar with a wheel so that the nose does not lift much when it runs, the parachute is well detailed and is cloth

The engine is well detailed, you can see the engine with all its components with its wiring and metal hoses, the radiator is plastic, a very good detail are the exhaust pipes that have burned effect

The interior is well detailed, the floor is polished metal, the seats are plastic and fabric harnesses, the dashboard is well reproduced with its rpm speed markers etc the steering wheel is well detailed but does not rotate

Now the photos

1º round

2º round

3º round

4º round

5º round

7º round

last round

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