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Well for this month at least... :lol

Since I've always meant to, I just purchased the 2 Exoto Standox Ferraris...312B and the 641/2. I must be overcompensating for the purchase of Hot Wheels Ferraris...Exotos, Minichamps, AUTOart, Carousel 1s, all on the way....Woohoo!

I know the Exoto Standox sales aren't world beaters...but I'm happy with my $99 Exotos. Yeah!
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I happen to like the Standox line from Exoto :happy I like the way the paint changes when you look at it from different angles in the light :tongue I prefer the GS line, but to each their own. I think I need 2 more too :cry
I know about the Standox paint, but I have yet to see the Ferraris in Monza red in person. I'm really excited about adding these two cars, especially since it gives me both the 150th win (Schumacher) and the 100th win (Prost). Woohoo! I don't have my trusty spreadsheet with me, but I'm guessing that one of those two models will put me over 50 Ferrari F1 models. Yeah!

Off topic: does anyone know of an online source that has decent Exoto prices?
T - if you search a seller on Ebay "Exoto1", they always have lots, most are BIN's with the starting price usually a minimum of $30-40 off the BIN price.

here's a current page


This seller IS Exoto and with them also selling directly from their site, no wonder they've pee'd off alot of retailers. Online shopping for Exoto's is getting harder b/c of this. I think Replicarz is the US distributor for Exoto. Apparently the discount to retailers is marginal at best, which is why you won't find any current models in alot of shops or online. Usually it's the older stuff and chances are you could haggle a good deal just so they can get rid of it.

Exoto has done well with their models, but this type of servicing can't be good for business. You'd think it would be better for them to wholesale their diecast to retailers(increase volume) and let them sell it.

I feel bad for the retailers, but must admit if it weren't for "Exoto1" I wouldn't be getting my Porsche. You have to shop somewhere and if it's not your local diecast retailer, then here's as good a place as any.

The lousy thing is, most retailers would like to carry their stuff, if they could get it at a good price and not be forced to place huge $$$ orders. :cry
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Interesting...after checking out their auctions, the Standox models were still cheaper direct from their website. They had a bin of $249 ($10 more than the website) and a starting price of $149, which is $50 more than the website. Weird...I've found one vendor that sells them at decent prices (about $110 less than the Exoto typical $239 for Ferraris) so I may eventually go that route for the cars I don't have.

Thanks for the info.
Well do tell? :lol Don't keep it all to yourself. :box That's just rude! :giggle

I noticed that with the BIN prices, but most don't go for the BIN price. It's usually a last minute bid. Unless the BIN was cheaper, I think most wait for the last minute and try to scoop a deal. Like I said, I got my Porche for $135. I had put a bid $8 above listed price otherwise it wasn't going to be a deal for me. :cheers
Here's the place...the only thing they carry die-cast related are a few Exoto models. Some at decent prices, some are slightly more. :cheers

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