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Working with color backgrounds...

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Hey guys,

I thought this might be of interest. A lot of us have adopted the use of colored backgrounds which make our pictures look dramatically better (than having yellow duckies in the back). :giggle

But then there's the dilemma of choosing the color that suits a particular car best.

I learned that silver (not purple :giggle) is not the best color that goes with a green background. :badidea

... and neither red, yellow, silver or orange go well with a red background

I'm not sure, though. Maybe my lighting set up is not the best. :confused

It seems like black backgrounds are the way to go (followed by white). :cool I don't have one yet, though. :cry

What do you all think?

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I have only good luck with blue backgrounds.

For some reason white backgrounds drown out my pictures. :confused
I guess it was Felix who was saying about using colors for backgrounds which compliment the color of the car. You could decide this with the help of a color wheel. Here is a link. Color wheel
:iagree The idea behind using the colour-wheel is to find the colour that complements your car. Let's say your car is primarily blue. Orange is on the opposite side to blue and complements it very well.


Of course, for some colours, it's easier to find complementary colours. Personally, I think green and red cars are hard to find a nice complement. If those colours are fairly bright and vivid, black is a good way to go.
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Thank you Darrick, Winston and Felix for the feedback. :cheers

The Color wheel is great! I wish I'd known about these color combinations before. I'm definitely going have to try these methods for my upcoming pictures.

PS - Felix, I love that Sauber shot. The orange does an eccellent job complimenting the lovely Sauber blue. :tongue
I have to think about it !!!

For the moment, my grey background is ok but I am going to be fed up with... I have to change.

I will try to use your tricks as soon as possible. Thanks Gian !!
I can hardly wait to see your photos (even our experimental ones). I really like angled shots that you (& Mockingbird) do.
No prob Felix !!! My red and white racer is now ready to be shot (out of box) !!
The easiest bg to use is one of neutral color in relation to the subject. That's why black and white bg work nicely. BUT, with a black or white bg, though you will get the right color out of the subject, you will have problems of exposure (over or under-exposed subject). That's why in my opinion the best bg to use is grey. It's neutral in terms of color balance and won't get the subject over or under-exposed if your camera measures the light of all the area pictured.
:lol I agree Luciano !!
...I didn't know it was the best way... it is the only color I found in my parents' house !
This is a very good topic, Gian. :nicejob

I'm not much of a technical guy here (okay, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to anything photography :giggle ), but I've often base my decisions on the attitude & fun factor, not just matching the colour.

Some examples:

I chose the orange because the bike is a force to be reckon with. Orange seems to fit the attitude perfectly since it's 'loud'.

This one here is more of a fun shot. I shot this car with both black and red. Black seemed to be the colour of choice, but my wife made a comment that changed my mind - "That's neat. It's melting into the back ground". And so I went with red.

This one here is what I would called 'happy accident'. I was messing around with bg colours when I accidentaly snapped this pic. I tried blue, black, orange, and yellow. What you're looking at here is yellow, but with the lamp (just one lamp) directly above the camera, not the model. With this, I've learned that it's not only the bg, but also the lighting that could have tremendous effect on the shot.

Before sunrise or before sunset? You decide...

I don't know what I'm doing half the time, but with the tips from Dr. Jeff, Felix, and Doc Ronan, I have learn the joy of photography. And the more I look around, the more I see that we have many creative & talented folks here. So keep those pics coming folks. Snap away! :cheers
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