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Would you buy AA's Bentley Speed 8?

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It would be really nice to add another Le Mans winner to my collection (Mclaren GTR, GT1-98, V12 LMR, 2 R8s) It's just that it really bothers me that AUTOart decided to come up with closed body shell editions. It's like going to your local pet shop and admiring the puppies from the outside. I bought the JGTC Skyline #23 in a heartbeat, ignoring that fact that it lacks openings because I never thought I'd see one in 1:18 scale. Lately though, it's been in its box and the thought of its teasing looks being so limited kills me. I would much rather not see it. :scared

Good news is there's a 2002 Speed 8 that's been on its way for quite a while. But who needs ANOTHER podium finisher? The '99 GT-One #3 is BEAUTIFUL, but it would have been much nicer if it had been a winner.

It doesn't even sell on Ebay :crying

Other good news is that AUTOart will also be releasing a '91 787b in the near future (3-5 years :lol ) Let's hope this one doesn't also end up as a 'shell'

(clearing throat)

So would you get the Bentley? If so which one?
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I can't say I've gotten to really like the shape of the car yet. So, I'm on the sidelines for now. If/when I do come to like it, I wouldn't get it unless the price is really good.

I recently bought AUTOart's sealed Skyline JGTC #22 and #23 for a great price. They are real lookers and am glad I scooped them when I had the chance.
LUW said:
I thought they put the weights in the car so that it would feel heavier, since it's stripped down. :confused
I thought those JGTC "penalty weights" looked kind of big and heavy! :lol :lol

AM: Is this the Impul Calsonic that's just been released by AUTOart? :confused
Are you two "speaking" the same currency? :confused
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