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Wounded Pony

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Well I found this at a local hobby shop sale. Was 170 AUD, picked it up for 100 AUD, As it has a few problems. It's very rare in Australia

1:18 ERTL precision 100 red mustang

Anyone able to give me some advice about reattaching the front bumper? :confused I do have to say though as well, once I got to home and examined it further, i couldn't believe the amount of dust on the car. To say the shops display cabinet is pathetic is an understatement, h*ll you could even open it and handle the model itself. You might be able to see the amount of dust on the rear bumper.

But the model was just screaming out buy me!!! :tempted :) I'd been after this too long to let it slip by.

p.s I tried some new photography techniques, slowly getting better
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Here's a clean solution (no glue involved) on reattaching the bumper. Use some heated needles and insert them (from behind the bumper) exacly where the original attaching stubs were. Insert them into the holes on the car's body (you might want to wrap them in a little bit of scotch tape, so they'd firmly stay in place). Do not use thicker pins or nails, as, when heated, they might bulge the plastic bumper and ruin it. Once the bumper inserted into the holes and the needles cut to a shorter size, you can bend them from the inside of the car front.

Hope this was helpful.
I am not familiar with this particular model, but on many Ertl's, the front bumper is held on with two screws that also hold on the lower valance. If that is the case, I suggest taking out the two screws and seeing what the remnant piece of the bumper attaching point looks like. You may be able to simply Super Glue the entire bumper back together and re-install it. On Ertl Camaro's, for example, it is almost a "bumper sandwich", with the lower valance capturing the bumper mount and holding it to the front fenders.

Good Luck!
Nice find, Odin! Those ERTL P100 Mustangs are super detailed. I'm glad you could find one for your collection! :cheers
Great addition, Odin.
Hopefully you will be able to fix it without too much trouble.
I am on the lookout for a black one of these.
thanks for the tip xeno. I'll have a think about doing that.

Until recently scale18 had some , I have the black one too, gr8 model, will do some pics later. From what I can tell the ertl precision 100 mustangs are made at the same factory as the CC mustang coupes etc, so has anyone reattached the bumper on a CC mustang? As I was doing a test fit on this one, and it isn't easy lining it up. I'm thinking of using superglue, thats how it was originally attached.

It looks like it fits into those 4 stubs, but the bumper didn't want to cooperate.
Dont use too much of the superglue. It tends to leave white fume marks on the paint around it. Also you will have to scrape off some of the chrome on the bumper if you plan to use superglue. Chrome does not give a suitable adhesive surface.
$100 seems to be a good price, since the bumper can be reattached

just use something to clean off the dust, give the car a polish, it'll be looking great, and it'll go from a wounded pony to a stallion :cheers
Congrats Odin :cheers looks great :coolpics
Congrats, Odin. It should be a simple fix. I hope it works out. :cheers
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