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Write-up on AA in August Car&Driver

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I just got my latest issue of C&D in the mail today. They had an article about AutoArt that I know many of you would find interesting. Among other things, it talked about how AUTOart chooses to make a model, and to a small degree the politics behind those choices. One reason we don't see many American cars is that we are just about the only one's who buy them, and their biggest flop was the Panoz AIV. Of bigger interest to myself was the picture of the workers assembling the new 1:18 Mercedes S-class. Given the lead time of the magazine, I suspect these babies are in some container waiting for their release date.

Check it out if you can.
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:goodpost I can't wait to get the S-Class. :goodpost
Thanks for the heads up, I haven't recieved a copy yet, now I can't wait for its arrival.
Sweet, I can't wait to get my copy :happy
They had a write up on Autoart in the local car mag heres as well [wheels magazine] Looks like they shared the story or got it off the same journalist.
Hmmm...very interesting. :confused Can't wait to see the model.
Man, can't wait to get my C&D. I've always been very interested in this stuff.
Funny, the AIV is one of my favourite AAs...
Thanks for the scoop PC. I'm really interested in reading that article.
I hope my issue shows up tomorrow :happy
Can anyone go through the trouble of posting the article?
Will scan the article later, here is the pic with the new S models:
Also interesting is the fact that AUTOart models cost more in China than anywhere else because AUTOart's factory can only legally export items; so when the Chinese retailers want to sell items, they have to export the models and then reimport them with massive duties. :confused

Nick, please see our guidelines regarding banner & image file size(s). Thank you. :cheers
Men and their business! :shutup :lol
Nick, if you would be so kind, I would greatly appreciate it. :cheers
Man, I wish they were this quick with the Lotus Esprit V8!
:iagree Speedfiend!! Not sure about plans of the Diablo 6.0, but I wish they were as quick with that too!!!
I am sorry to anounce this but the 6.0 Diablo has been canceled from the production schedule.
As I'm a race car enthusiast, I'm not as distraught as some others here may be. But all the same, I'm curious how the decision was made to cancel that Diablo. Isn't the demand for it quite substantial?
Yea, i wld be one of those buyers for a Gold Diablo 6.0
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