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WRX 555 in the making

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Wel,here i am after some 15 hours of work.And a wheel donor AUTOart Corolla for $25.00 off of Ebay.
Probably about 30 more hours to go,at least.Hope it will be worth it.
hope my pic isnt too big :wink
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Thanks for sharing your work-in-progress with us Madhun. Please keep us posted on how things develop. All the best with your project!
Goodluck Madhun!

The Impreza still looks like a good model even in its stripped down form.

BTW - have you used a standard roadcar as a base?

thanks guys for encouragement!!!!!!!!!!I will keep all posted,too.And yes its the base Impreza STI,by Autoart.I cant believe how much difference there is between the 94-96, and the 1997-up front ends and hood/bonnet/!!!!!!!!!Also i have to grind away all spoilers and rear valences.New mirrors,new rear wing,left hand dashboard,roof vents,rally interior,rollcage,new exhaust and some tinkering under the bonet too.Will be a lot of fun,and should look ok once airbrushed!
Good luck and by the looks of it your coming along just fine! Keep it up! :cheers :cheers I can't wait to see the final product.
What!!! I cant find a stock WRX model anywhere!!! Lots of wagons but no sedans!!! I like what you have done so far

Thanks for sharing.

I will follow your progress with interest. Please update with more pictures as you progress.

Excellent!! :happy


:iagree I'd love to see the result!
Good luck on this project, it's going to be an interesting one :cheers
the toyota rims on this car looks good.
can;t wait to see the finished project
the rims are actually Speedlines,also used by SWRT those years!
PS:painted gold of course
Looks very promising! Looking forward to seeing the updates on this project!!! :cheers
I am absolutely beside myself with anticipation for this mod!!!!
I am definitely subscribing to this thread!
Please keep us posted with pics and progress.
BTW, any higher resolution pics? Obviously not to attach here, but maybe a link to a Photobucket or Imageshack album?

I cannot wait for more pics.
I agree. It looks like a great work in progress. Definately interested in the final product.
thanks guys,all this will keep me going.Right now i`m working om the 4 lug wheels to make them 5 lug.Wheeew,filling in the center,let dry,drill holes.
PS: more pics soon,hopefully
Be sure to use the sharpest posslble drill bit when you redrill the holes for the 5 stud.... If you have used a putty to fill the holes the putty might crack or chip off.... make a small indent where you want to drill as well so that the drill has a starting point
yes,its going to be tough.hope it turns out.thanks Ben,
possible to show how did u swap the rims?
cos i am thinking of doing the same thing to my BugEye WRx, swapping em wif the Toyota Rally car OZ rims
Looks great so far. . . Looks almost like a real car being redone. . .
yes.Both beig Autoarts,the rims mount the same way.You have to pull off the wheels,making sure you dont break off the stems that they mount on.I managed 3 out of 4,glued back the broken one.The original WRX STI body donor cars wheels were all destroyed almost.They were all glued to little sleeves on hubs,and didint budge.I`ll have more progress report soon,
It's been a long time since, what about some progres pictures, pleaseeee :happy
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