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X-Clinic: Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

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From the day I received my Aston Martin DB4 GT with its beautiful Zagato bodywork I thought "it deserves better". So taking a little break in between more time-consuming projects I laid a hand in this project that should be relatively simple. The changes were:

- Replace tail lights and turn signals by some translucent and realistic elements from Légende Miniatures;
- Detailing and coloring the engine correctly (including ignition cables, fuel lines, temperature probe cables, etc.);
- Carpeted interior (individual carpets like the original);
- Detail the dashboard and improve the steering wheel;
- Paint matt black the passenger compartment headliner;
- Detailing exhaust and lower chassis (including fuel and brake lines);
- Lower bothe suspensions by 2-3 mm;
- Replace the original wheels with a set of photoetched BBRs;
- Scratchbuild brake callipers and new brake discs;
- Add licence plates (this was an imbroglio...);
- Add windows to the doors;
- Add the plexiglas fixations on the headlight covers;
- Anything else that poped up!

This is the car's original state:

This is the finished model:

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You really improved upon this model A LOT!!!
Nice update..

I also sent you a link on my Lexus post for the chrome wheels finish that you asked about.
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