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so i added this Ferrari 550 Maranello from XL Racing to my collection last saterday

this car ran at Le Mans in 2003
and it was the teams 1st partitpation

the car's s/n is 108612

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the car ran pretty strong all race but had to retire in the 22nd hour
after a small leak on the tank witch caused some fuel to escape and the car was retired due to fire damage

their fastest lap wsa 4min.22.663 sec. (186.87kph)
wich actually made them the slowest ferrari that year

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here's a shot of the real car, as you can see without that grill

this was the 1st time that i saw it, when it was up for sale at the 2003 Bonhams Ferrari auction in Gstaad, where it didn't sell
and then 7 months later at the Christies Le Mans Classic auction where it didn't sell either

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Also, the car ran in the "GT" class and is the partial reason why it was the slowest Ferrari. This was the first 550 to run in the GT class and still needed some sorting out.

There are a few stories of cars failing in the last minutes of the race to lose their respective class win!

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on another note about the spoilers
i now have 4 550's from Redline
and there are already 3 different spoilers

this one that's less high and that's fully flat

then 2 that have the same one as felix, higher & with a raising in the middle

and then another one wich is more leaning backwards instead of standing up and with a different and with a different curving in the wing

very cool of red line to make seperate & correct wings with the differently liveried cars
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