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XL Racing, Le Mans 2003

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so i added this Ferrari 550 Maranello from XL Racing to my collection last saterday

this car ran at Le Mans in 2003
and it was the teams 1st partitpation

the car's s/n is 108612
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Hmmmm....beautiful!!! I notice the spoiler sits quite a bit lower than on my #58 Pro Drive car from the 2002 LM.

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That's such a shame to be forced into retirement at the late stage of the race! Do you know what place it was in among the GTS class when it did retire?

By the way, great photos of stunning cars as always. :cheers
:iagree :iagree That really makes this 550 stand out among the others.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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