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Just a quick couple of photos of the latest shot - actually the second shot from the molds - of Yat Ming's on-deck '66 Olds Toronado. I had a chance to see the model this past week at Yat Ming's NY showroom, and it's just about what we'd expected - a great 'sixties image that'll retail for not a lot of dough, but still deliver a fairly dead-on representation of the Cord 810-inspired Olds front-driver.

The good news is that the model looks just right; the shape and stance - even if the latter is a tad high - wear well on the eyes, and the overall presentation of the car is very true to the original. First releases will be in this gold with a black interior and a black model with a red cabin. Doors and hood open, and the headlights swing upward at the press of a lever in the model's nose. No, this isn't a Signature series car (sorry), but the model gives a lot of visual satisfaction… for what should ultimately prove to be around twenty bucks, if the car follows YM's usual route to the big box stores.

The cabin's cool, the engine wired (after a fashion), and the wheels steer. The body is locked in, but this particular sample still had a way to go before production, mostly in details like the polishing of the molds for the greenhouse and the determination as to whether or not the grille will be relief-painted (as the grilles on the upcoming Ford Falcons will - huzzah!). But the wheels and tires, general trim, and tampo processes looked pretty slick, despite the car's remaining cook time.

All in all, I'd call this a great looking, low-budget bomb for mass-market collectors. I didn't have the tools on hand to scale it (hey - I'm serious, but not that manic while on the road), but I'd estimate that it's right on, size wise. And you can't beat the subject matter - or the effort. YM is keeping the faith and twisting up some of the cars we'd asked for.

Of course, some will say that the Toro needed a Signature series treatment to do it justice. I'd reckon that short of the opening trunk, anyone with an afternoon to kill could add some decent homebrewed detailing to the car and come away with a great display piece.

Say what you will about the lowball end of the hobby, these guys are cooking up some pretty hip model cars. Not bad, Yat Ming. Not bad a'tall.

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I think the chrome trim in the interior looks kind of cheap, but other than that it looks good

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Very Very cool cars! My mother had a 69 Toro in the same color scheme, I drove it to my junior prom back in '76, then she bought a 77 Toro. Drove that '69 for a year and did some really wild crazy front wheel burnouts with that 455 Olds that the neighbors still bring up 30 years later.....

Memories.... like the colors of my....(Barbara Striesand flash back aside)

I remember that unique speedo that rotated, while the needle remained in place, the dash looks pretty much the same.

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