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  • NOTE:
    - Photos of duplicate diecasts are perfectly fine
    - LM Cars that did not qualify (DNQ) for which there was a diecast made is acceptable
    - If you're able to provide some info with your post relating to the drivers and placement in the race outcome, all the better. Here is a good weblink for historical Le Mans info
Please feel free to add your cars to this thread! All scales are welcomed!!


Porsche 917K
1:43 Scale by Brumm

Driven by Helmut Marko, and Gijs van Lennep to victory with a distance of 5335.313 KM. This was Porsche's second Le Mans win. This year Porsche increased the type 912 motor to 4.9L. With an average speed of 222.3 KPH this was the fastest Le Mans winner ever.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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