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Year 1983 Le Mans Racers

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    - Photos of duplicate diecasts are perfectly fine
    - LM Cars that did not qualify (DNQ) for which there was a diecast made is acceptable
    - If you're able to provide some info with your post relating to the drivers and placement in the race outcome, all the better. Here is a good weblink for historical Le Mans info
Please feel free to add your cars to this thread! All scales are welcomed!!
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Porsche 956L "Kenwood", finished 3rd overall at LeMans in 1983:

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Ronan, did I ever say that you have magistral taste for cars? :giggle

Porsche 956L 1983 #21 by Minichamps. This car was piloted by M. Andretti, M. Andretti and P. Alliot in the 24 Hours of Le Mans of 1983, category C, and came in 3º place overall.
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Porsche 956L "Rothmans", Overall Winner of 1983 Le Mans 24h, driven by Vern Schuppan, Al Holbert and Hurley Haywood.
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LUW said:
Ronan, did I ever say that you have magistral taste for cars? :giggle
:lol :lol :lol What can I say but that :iagree and thank you!!! :giggle :cheers
Ronan & Jeff, I love the Kenwood car, great photos.
I see the farther & son Andretti,s drove it, but cant make out the 3rd driver :confused also is this diecast easly found, and when was it released? sorry about all the questions, I'm wanting to add this to my collection so I'm after as much info as I can get.

Another 1983 Porsche 956L "Racing Converted Rothmans" Winner.
It was driven by Mario & Michael Andretti and Philippe Alliot. The model was released in 2002 (#180-83621), and lately I have seen more of the Rothmans car then this one.
Thanks Luciano for the model# and info, so this might be hard to find? and is the price around the same as the Rothmans.

will start the hunt after x-mas

Mike, I would say it is as hard to find as any old release by Minichamps. I don't see them very often but I wouldn't say they're rare, far from that. And when they do show up it's usually for a good price.
Thanks for that, as I dont wanna pay someone to much, I'm just getting into the Le Mans cars, I have so much to learn. thanks for the answers Luciano :cheers
Here are a few of my '83 Le Mans cars:

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I think this theme was a really good idea! It really gives you a good idea of the lineup at the time. :nicejob :nicejob
Bizarre 1:43 Rondeau M482 of Jean Rondeau, Alain Ferte and Michel Ferte.
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cool addition
i love the Bizarre's, they have such wonderfull subjects
Porsche 956 L

Drivers - Mario & Michael Andretti and Philippe Alliot

Result - 3rd overall


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I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a set on my 1983 LM cars, fourteen in all.

#3 Porsche 956L - Spark
#6 Lancia LC2 - Spark
#9 WM Peugeot - Bizarre
#11 Porsche 956L - Minichamps
#14 Porsche 956L - Minichamps
#18 Porsche 956L - Minichamps
#20 Lola-Cosworth T610 - Bizarre
#21 Porsche 956L - Minichamps
#25 Rondeau-Cosworth M482 - Bizarre
#39 Nimrod-Aston Martin NRA/C2 - Spark
#43 Ford C100 - Bizarre
#46 Sauber-BMW C7 - Spark
#47 Porsche 956L - Minichamps
#60 Mazda 717C - Bizarre

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Thanks for the list. At least I will know what brands to get.
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