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Year 1990 Le Mans Racers

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    - Photos of duplicate diecasts are perfectly fine
    - LM Cars that did not qualify (DNQ) for which there was a diecast made is acceptable
    - If you're able to provide some info with your post relating to the drivers and placement in the race outcome, all the better. Here is a good weblink for historical Le Mans info
Please feel free to add your cars to this thread! All scales are welcomed!!
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Jaguar XJR-12

Driver M. Brundle / P.Cobb / J.Nielsen

Result 1st Place

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Hey Gary, is that Jag from the Ixo "Le-Mans winners" Line?
What does Clarkson know about Porsches anyway . :kick

Yes Kyle , its from IXO . Its very nicely done too :cheers
Well from what i have heard he know's quite alot, why are you not a ferrari fan?

I just bought 6 of those Ixo Le-Mans Winners, but i didn't see this 1990 winner, ill have to keep my eyes peeled for it, any idea when the 1988, 1994 & 1998 winners are released?
No Kyle , I am definately NOT a Ferrari lover but I think my banner gives that away :giggle

As far as the XJR9 , Dauer 962 and the GT1 are concerned , they are all available , but not from IXO .

Ive just bought the all 3 cars from a company called Altaya , which are slightly less detailed , but not by much . They were made for a series that was released in Spain , so Ebay would be the way to find them .

The only other way to get the Dauer is to go to Minichamps , but be prepared to pay £100 + for it .
Sir Gary said:
Ive just bought the all 3 cars from a company called Altaya
I saw that, and assumed the Dauer was a Minichamps, and you'd paid an awful lot of money for it! :giggle

Anyone know of a company that makes the Nissan R90CP or R90CKs?

if you waited a bit then, then you would have gotten them from Ixo
the Altaya's are Ixo's, but a little bit less detailed, no wonder you buy them with a small 'magazine' for €9
so the Altaya's come out first, and a bit later the better detailed Ixo, but for the rest they are the same
well, you can find them in resin kit ofcourse
but for diecast, i'm sure that Ebbro will bring them out
after all, they just released the R88C and they already have the R91CP & R92CP
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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