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No one replyed here yet? :confused , okay then i will :cheers .

Car: Peugeot 905B
Drivers: Eric Hélary (F)/Christophe Bouchut (F)/Geoff Brabham (AUS)
Grid Position/Qualifing Time: 6th/3:32.08
Finishing Position/LapsCompleted/Margin: 1st/376 laps/1 lap

The 1993 Le-Mans, a time when Group-C racing was on it's death-bed.
he World Sports Car Championship back in the early 90's was looking on hard time's. Fields were under a dozen cars, of which only 4 were truly competitive, these mainly being the Peugeot's and Toyota's.

So the crazy FIA decision to revoke fuel economy rules, shorten races for TV coverage which didn't appeal to 'sprint fans' and annoyed endurance supporters and the introduction of F1 based 3.5 litre rules finally killed off the great Sportscars.

Some say that F1 'wheeler-dealer' Bernie Ecclestone was keen to attract Mercedes and Peugeot into F1, and the demise of Group C did achieve that. It's also probably true that he was keen to see Group C's small, but growing, impact on F1 publicity curtailed.

After beating Toyota in 1992 at Le-Mans, and winning the WSC Championship also (Basically, Peugeot won what was 2 horse race that final year) the 1993 Le-Mas was billed as the final showdown between these 2.
It must have looked like a big slap in the face of Toyota when (After Toyota faltered) Peugeot took a unpresidented 1-2-3 finish, which also was Jean Todt's last race at Peugeot before going to Ferrari.
Todt had brought Peugeot much sucsess, In World Rallying, Paris Dakar and in GT Racing, and this 1-2-3 was seen as the best leaving present possible.

Peugeot didn't quite do what Porsche and later Audi have by finishing 1st-2nd-3rd
with their car numbers 1-2-3 in that order.
No3 won, with No1 second and No2 Third.
No1 was set for the victory, but near the end, suffered from a lose exaust and lost to much time in the pit's enduring repair's, thats when No3 overtook and stayed out infront until the end.

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