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Year 1999 Le Mans Racers

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    - Photos of duplicate diecasts are perfectly fine
    - LM Cars that did not qualify (DNQ) for which there was a diecast made is acceptable
    - If you're able to provide some info with your post relating to the drivers and placement in the race outcome, all the better. Here is a good weblink for historical Le Mans info
Toyota GT-One
Driven by: Ukyou Katayama (J)/Keiichi Tsuchiya (J)/Toshio Suzuki (J)
Result: 2nd (1 lap behind the winner)
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nice viper Felix :coolpics
The #51 Viper is the 1998 GT2 runner up, Felix. The 99 car would be nearly identical, but AUTOart only did the 1998 one. ;)
:eek:ops :eek:ops Thanks for pointing that out. I can't read my numbers!! :nutkick <- me
Driven by: Pierluigi Martini (I)/Yannick Dalmas (F)/Joachim Winkelhock (D)
Result: winner - 366 laps (207.000 kph), margin: 1 lap
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:woohoo :woohoo :woohoo

Professional grade photography. :cheers
Audi R8C
Driven by: Stéphane Ortelli (F)/Stefan Johansson (S)/Christian Abt (D)
Result: did not finish (Gearbox) - 55 laps

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here's another shot of the Winner :danbana
Nice!!! :coolpics
A couple from 1999:

1/18 scale Audi R8R by Maisto

Driven by: Emanuele Pirro (I)/Frank Biela (D)/Didier Theys (B)
Result: 3rd (5 laps behind the winner)
Grid: 11th(3:35.371)

1/18 scale Toyota GT One TS020 by AUTOart

Driven by: Martin Brundle (GB)/Emmanuel Collard (F)/Vincenzo Sospiri (I)
Result: did not finish (Puncture) - 90 laps
Grid: 1st(3:29.930)
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1999 Audi R8R
Team Joest
3rd Place @ Le Mans

1999 was a preveiw year for Audi running two differant prototype cars the R8C and the R8R, trying to see the direction in which the company would head in sports prototype racing. Although to me the R8C with it's sleek sexy lines looked alot better. It would be the no-nonsense R8R that would go on to take 3rd and 4th overall. Both R8C were unable to complete the race. You can say the R8R is the grandfather to the now legendary R8's, and you would be right. Obviously the open top design had it's advantages from a drivers stand point. Whatever the stats may be Audi learned alot in '99, and was able to apply that to the new R8 the following year. Which by the way took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. What an historic car the R8R is and I'm proud to be an owner. (a 1:43 scale owner that is)

This particular R8R was a Dealer only promo made by Minichamps. Came in a cool silver and white box with AudI authentec Collection
stamped on top.


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What a blast from the past, from 2004!

Very nice models, I love these, I can't pick a favourite, the Toyota GT-one TS020 is ace, but so is the Audi R8R.
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