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Year 2001 Le Mans Racers

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    - Photos of duplicate diecasts are perfectly fine
    - LM Cars that did not qualify (DNQ) for which there was a diecast made is acceptable
    - If you're able to provide some info with your post relating to the drivers and placement in the race outcome, all the better. Here is a good weblink for historical Le Mans info
Chevrolet Corvette C5-R
Driven by: Ron Fellows (CDN)/Johnny O'Connell (USA)/Scott Pruett (USA)
Result: 8th 1st in GTS (43 laps behind the winner)
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beautiful model :danbana

all of your models from the Le Mans Racers is so beautiful, great collection Felix :cheers
Bentley EXP Speed 8
Driven by: Andy Wallace (GB)/Eric van de Poele (B)/Butch Leitzinger (USA)
Result: 3rd 1st in GTP (15 laps behind the winner)

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here's another 2001 Entry

unfortunually this car had an accident in lap 61 and didn't finish
this model is made by Ixo and is the only Viper i have

the reason i bought this one is because of the drivers:
Vanina Ickx & Vincent Vosse
2 top belgian drivers :happy
well, and it's also a cool livery :wink

car was entered by Paul Belmondo Racing
RacersGroup those are great cars.
Welcome to DX
Saleen S7R
driven by: Franz Konrad (A)/Terry Borcheller (USA)/Oliver Gavin (GB)
they finished 18th, 75 laps behind the winner

model is by Ixo
The winning works Audi R8 #1, driven to victory by Tom Kristensen, Emanuele Pirro and Frank Biela.
Model is a Maisto 1:18.

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Audi R8

Driver F.Biela / T.Kristensen / E.Pirro

Result 1st place winner

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