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Yellow RX-7?

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Just wondering if there is a stock RX-7 out there (preferably Kyosho) that comes in yellow? All I see are the new Silver and Red cars. Did Kyosho ever make a yellow one? I really like the Initial D RX-7 but...its 1:24 and Jadas 1:18 cars blow. Any possibilities?
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Yes, they made it. It's very hard to find one. Last time I saw it'd gone for about 200$ on eBay. Good luck :cheers
Ok, well, if anyone has one they want to get rid of or if they see one around make sure to contact me, i'm very keen on getting one.
I have tried to win the rx-7 and have failed. i have seen a black one once too. here is a site i have come across. looks a bit expensive rare models
a bit ot,
what colours did Kyosho re-relese the RX7 in?
Only two colours Red & Silver
Yes. they made it.
in the middle of 90's
Kyosho released 1993 RX-7(series1) in red, yellow, silver, black....
now re-released 1995 RX-7(series3) in red and silver.
These are some pics of mine(tuned).

can see others on my page's "Modified" section.
ofcourse don't sell. sorry :happy
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512, nice mod of the RX7 :cheers
Amazing!!! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

Those wheels look very beautiful on this Mazda!
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