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Ok, was just at scale18 & came across this threadName a model maker and your biggest beef with them well I came upon Jeffs(not to be mistaken for Homer's alter ego! :lol ) answere & had to post it here for every1 to read you will split your side laughing(I put it here cause not really a "joke" joke, more less a really hillarios answere! read it you'll find out

"Name a model maker and your biggest beef with them" posted by Informal Pollster

1a. Company
1b. Biggest beef, can be model itself, biz practices & tactics, ethics, etc
(answre from Jeff :lol )Not Max Power

AUTOart - Inconsistent method of attaching the wheels.
Hot Wheels - Lack of fidelity (too toy-like) and badly hinged openings = Dub Dumb.
PMA - Their decals suck! They rarely stick and are impervious to setting solutions. Craftsmanship issues too.
Jouef - A step way down from Hot Wheels as far as crap-factor.
GMP - Needs someone who has a better 3D design eye on the sensuality of the automotive form that will step in before they start cutting molds.
Kyosho - Needs to come to grips with the fact that there are cars that exist that are not Bimmers!
UT - Hot glue assembly is slipshod.
Exoto - Complicated construction does not easily come apart and their goal setting doesn't jibe with their ability to meet their goals.
Maisto - Much too much concentration on keeping the price down. If they could combine their construction methods with AUTOart fidelity they would be deadly.
Ricko - Good intentions without good manufacturing and assembly techniques = the Hot Wheels/Jouef Award 1st runner up.
Bburago - It's 2005 guys .... not 1990! Adults don't slam their models into walls (or each other) and giggle about it.
SunStar - They come soooo close to being good, but somebody there always drops the ball on the essential small details.
CMC - There is nothing I can do to these to improve them .. so they are boring but beautiful.
Revell - see Bburago.
Solido - See Revell.
Welly - See GMP/Bburago/Ricko. Just because you have a staff and diecasting equipment does not necessarily mean you know how to use the stuff.
Ertl - Clueless as to what the difference between a TOY and a MODEL are ... so they just flood the shelves with crappy forms and hinges and tires and wheels and paint .... they should just concentrate on farm equipment.
Classic Carlectables - Models constantly arrive upside down and stay that way on the shelf.
Precision Min - haven't had one yet so don't know
Yat Ming - See Ricko
Exact Detail - Overall look is always "heavy" with a preoccupation for irrelevant details, and the heavy paint does not help that heavy look.
Carousel - Too many $$$ for the level of finish.
Jada - I'd like to what these can really do!
MotorMax - Fire the staff, sell the equipment and get jobs driving taxis ... you must be good at something other than making models.
Adults don't slam their models into walls (or each other) and giggle about it.
speek for your self :lol j/k

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... speaking of which, ever seen a 1/12 CMC Mercedes SLR skydiving without a parachute? :lol Well, I will soon and post the pictures here, if possible. (Don't start screamin' anti-suicidal lines! It's done, already, I just haven't got to see it! :help )

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I agree with a lot of what he have said.

:lol @ Kyosho...

But where is Minichamps?

Here's my gripe with Minichamps - Too happy with decals! And they need to put a little more oomph in the painting department. Other than that, solid stuff.

Sunstar did good with the Routemasters. How do I know?... :giggle

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I suggest that Jeff should give up diecast and start collecting stamps or coins! :giggle

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Oh, don't think he was just slamming all the companies( I just quated the funnie part :giggle If you read his post at the s18, he continues on by saying now how about their good points :nicejob (not a direct quoute but close to what he was saying) I just can't believe he forgot about Action :lol :lol I think that would go along the same lines as motormax :lol :lol (althou, I really want Tim Allens Sallen Racer ofcourse from Motomax :giggle )
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