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You think Exoto would fix this!

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I was just checking out their website out of boredom. I knew this was a production problem, but you would think they ould update the website after correcting it! :lol

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maybe they couldn't secure a license and went with this brand instead. :lol
Exoto is right, it is Goodyear that is wrong :lol
Maybe that is a shared-venture tire. :giggle
TK is never wrong, you know.
:lol :lol !!

I had seen that error a long time ago. I dont know how it passed the scrutining from EXOTO. Such a bad mistake.

Is that a close up shot directly from EXOTO? Didn't they realise when they took the shot?

I think somebody has been reallllllly lazy over there.
That picture is directly from Exotos CURRENT website at that! I knew about the Eagel error long ago (I even think Ronan has the error version of this car) but I wouldn't think they'd still have an incorrect picture published on their site. D'oh!
Tim, because of that flaw, your car is unworthy of being in your collection. I think you should dispose of it and send it to me right away. :lol :lol :lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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