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Your best deal or trade ever

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What has been your best diecast purchase ever? Did you ever have an unbelievable trade? Thought it was a good idea to post a thread on this.

My best bargains ever must have been the Kyosho 512 Bburago and 308 QV for 15 Euro per piece. They lost their mirrors but still it was a hell of a deal. :happy

I also once bought a AUTOart Lotus Esprit Type 79 for only 17,50 Euro brand new in box. :giggle

My Exoto Porsche 935 Testcar new for 55,- Euro ain't one to forget either... :danbana

Wonder what you guys have caught! :cheers

Whoops, 550 was 55 :lol
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I got a Kyosho Competizone for $35, no box but in Mint condition, I got a Holden Monaro for $15 and a Maybach 57 for $27. I think theres more but I can't remember.
Some more, UT Silver 550 Maranello for $35, AUTOart BMW 2002L for $25. I think that's it.
I remember 2 more. A white AUTOart Countach for $30 and 'The Fast and The Furious' Supra for $3.
1 - 3 of 55 Posts
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