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Your best deal or trade ever

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What has been your best diecast purchase ever? Did you ever have an unbelievable trade? Thought it was a good idea to post a thread on this.

My best bargains ever must have been the Kyosho 512 Bburago and 308 QV for 15 Euro per piece. They lost their mirrors but still it was a hell of a deal. :happy

I also once bought a AUTOart Lotus Esprit Type 79 for only 17,50 Euro brand new in box. :giggle

My Exoto Porsche 935 Testcar new for 55,- Euro ain't one to forget either... :danbana

Wonder what you guys have caught! :cheers

Whoops, 550 was 55 :lol
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Hey Felix, which was the better deal, the car or the box? :giggle :cheers
Probably simply buying cars at RRP on release, then watching them explode through the roof.

I got three Biante R32 1992 Bathurst winning GT-R Skylines - eaxch costing less than AUS$200. One went last week on ebay for AUS$700, and others always fetch over AUS$500!!! Each!!!!

The other one was a birthday present - an Ebbro R34 GT-R Nur-spec car, in Millennium Jade Green. RRP was AUS$75, then I see this:


I consider that a deal.
Very nice deals :cheers
I just bought a Panoz roadster for $20 and thought I did pretty good :cry
I was talking about your "Last C4" :giggle
But now that you mention it that was a giood deal for the both of us :cheers
I've had quite a few great deals but the one that sticks out would be 9 UT 911 GT2s (white) from an Australian dealer for about $25 each. :cheers
thanks to this forum i discovered not only did i have one of these but 2 of them. i paid $45.00 each less 40% totalling about $85.00 taxes included canadian funds for both of my ut porsche gt2 evolutions. i have seen them going for outragoues money now. the last one i seen on ebay got over $600.00. and i also traded 2 1999 schumacher ferrari f1 models for a minichamps 1/12 schumacher model which i have seen for over $1000 around canada, the 2 schumachers only cost me $50 for both on the shopping channel. those are my best buys.
Dealer Minichamps SL500 retails for £75+, paid £10 for mine...
Traded 2 biante's for a Chapparal 2/2C by exoto
UT E36 M3 GTR in black - $52 CAD (that was only few months ago)
AUTOart Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI TM edition - $15 USD
1/43 Trofeu Hom.04 Bruno Thiry's 99 Monte Carlo car specially released for the Belgium market. Had only heard about it and wanted it for ages. Got it off ebay in 03 for 35 pounds including postage to Australi (yes it came in one piece :happy)

I was the only bidder (yes there was no pic in the auction) a second car went on a few weeks later which went for 57 pounds........haven't seen one since
I remember 2 more. A white AUTOart Countach for $30 and 'The Fast and The Furious' Supra for $3.
Old topic but I will bump it anyways, here is some of my best deals

Ertl Casino Royale Aston Martin DBS for $35
Highway 61 Dodge Challenger Concept for $32
Guiloy Hispano-Suiza HS21-GTS for $57
Maxicar Lotec Sirius for $46
UT Models Porsche 993 911 Turbo for $49
Within the past couple of weeks -

UT 993 Turbo in red for $30
AUTOart 917K #2 yellow for $30 (although it seems to lack some detail in the engine compartment)
Highway 61 Challenger concept & 70 Hemi Cuda for $30/34
Hot Wheels black F50 for $9 each
Hot Wheels mass FXX for $9
AUTOart Callaway C12 thanks to ibj40 for $12.99
The best deal that I've ever had was...

-Brand new AutoArt 1:18 BMW 2002Tii for $1.00 :happy

I was in an ebay bidding war for this unusual chrome promotional model. I lost the auction when I was outbid at $55 by a sniper. However I found another one soon afterwards from the same seller which I won for $10. The model is 1/43rd scale.


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