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Brandwise, that's not entirely true.

@D N'D-Land (David) posted a review of the H9 model a couple of years ago: 1/18 红旗 H9/Hongqi H9 (Dealer Edition Promotional).....By...

When in doubt if anything has been posted before on DX, rather than using the forum search (which is not very reliable), you can use Google with the "site:website.com" syntax followed by the terms to search, like this:

site:diecastxchange.com hongqi

I was talking about the H7 model (note I said "this model"). I've known of D N'D-Land's H9 review for some months. It's a completely different car.

Outside of budget models, has anything not been posted on the xchange at any one time?? ;)

At least for me anything diecast I've ever looked for was purchased and showcased by someone here in the past 20 years.
In this case, the way that I meant it and thought that I stated it, I think that I'm accurate in saying the H7 has actually never been posted on DX before.
1 - 2 of 99 Posts